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Make Money At Your Event With A Mobile ATM

If you are hosting a large event such as a concert, convention, large party, or other short-term event that is expected to have a large number of attendees, you may be able to make a significant amount of money by partnering with a mobile ATM company such as ATMWholesaler.com. Mobile ATMs will provide your guests with fast access to cash in locations that otherwise would not provide this service, and are a great option for those event producers who do not have the funds or resources to purchase a permanent ATM machine or provide considerable amounts of vault cash.

How ATMWholesaler.com Can Provide A Mobile ATM For Your Event

We are a fully licensed and insured ATM wholesale supply and fulfillment services company, meaning we have the ability to install, fill, and manage an ATM in just about any location nationwide with very little notice. In most cases, if your event qualifies, we will provide the ATM, install it and fill it with vault cash, manage it during the event, and then oversee it’s removal. You provide the location, power source, and a large number of customers.

How The Mobile ATM Makes You Money

Before the ATM is installed, a contract will be signed by all parties involved, which will clearly illustrate how the surcharge fees will be divided. The surcharge fees are how ATM placement companies and their partners make money. Each time a customer uses the Mobile ATM to withdraw money or make another transaction, he or she will agree to pay a fee, which is withdrawn from their bank account along with the amount of money they withdraw from the mobile ATM. This combined amount is then deposited in the ATM processing account. The surcharge fees, which can quickly add up during a large event, are where profits come from in the mobile ATM business.

ATMWholesaler.com - Your Trusted Mobile ATM Placement Experts

As a large company with many ATM processing services available to us, we will be able to ensure that the money is processed accurately and quickly. Depending on the expected volume of transactions, we will agree on a contract with you that fairly distributes the surcharge fees between all parties involved. If you are hosting a large event and want to make some quick cash, contact ATMWholesaler.com today to see if your event qualifies for a free mobile ATM placement service. We will install, fill, and manage the ATM machine with little effort to you, and give you a portion of the surcharge fees. Having a mobile ATM at your large event of party will make you money and provide convenient access to cash for your guests. Contact the Mobile ATM experts at ATMWholesaler.com today for a free consultation at 734-775-7400.

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