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The growing convenience and uncomplicated nature of ATMs (Automated Teller Machines) has encouraged people to use them more frequently than ever before. The increased demand for ATMs has created a lucrative business opportunity as an ATM wholesale distributor.

The ATM distribution market is a rapidly growing area because aside from offering traditional banking and retail transactions, ATMs offer a number of other services as well. These services include selling postage stamps, accessing credit card statements and accepting payment of credit card balances. Many ATM distributors have even been motivated to place ATMs in convenient locations that are accessible to visually impaired people.

An ATM machine can be located anywhere. A good ATM distributor who provides timely service and helps run ATM booths properly will minimize customer complaints.

What constitutes a good ATM distributor?

A good ATM distributor will not only provide sales and service support but will also provide post-sales customer assistance. Reputable ATM distributors will have two types of technicians, field technicians and bench technicians. Field technicians perform routine maintenance on a regular basis, at various locations where the ATM machines are located. This includes replacing worn parts and running diagnostic tests to ensure that the equipment is functioning properly. In contrast, bench technicians repair broken or damaged components that are brought in by the field technicians.

Getting Started As An ATM Distributor

As the demand for ATM's has skyrocketed since their inception, the ATM distributor business has grown as well. A good ATM distributor will explain how the ATM machine is set up, how to operate it, what happens if it malfunctions and what are some temporary solutions until a professional technician arrives. Therefore, if you have a customer service oriented mindset, this may be a good business opportunity for you.

Revenue Sources for an ATM Machine distributor

Most of the profits from an ATM business comes from the ATM transaction fees. There are two types of transaction fees:

1. User Fee or Surcharge Fee: this is the fee collected from the cardholder by the ATM owner for using the machine.

2. Interchange Fee: This is the fee paid by the cardholder's financial institution to the ATM owner.

As a wholesale ATM distributor you can be part of the profit sharing of both transaction fees. Depending on how the business relationship is set up, transaction fees are shared. For instance, if the owner of the venue leases the ATM machine, he/she will share more of the transaction fee. If the distributor retains ownership of the ATM machines, they will retain a larger share of the transaction fee.

The Future of the ATM Machine distribution business:

Originally, when the first ATM was invented in 1969, it was not designed to perform all the functions it provides today. However, these days ATM wholesale distributors have a growing variety of ATM's with diverse functions, depending on the requirements of their customers. Due to growing demand and technological development, Our wholesale ATM distributors can now offer their customers ATM's that have Internet access, and even provide for people with disabilities. These days, people need to be able to manage their bank accounts as well as have safe and convenient places to access their money. An ATM distributor is essential in providing ATM services. This is a 14 Billion Dollar a Year Business, We Urge you to fill out our form to receive your wholesale ATM machine as soon as possible. We will beat any ATM Machine deal. We offer the best brand new Triton, Tranax, Tidel ATM machines in the industry at Wholesale ATM prices.

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