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Why Your Company Should Keep Blogging

Why Your Company Should Keep Blogging

Wednesday, June 8th, 2011 at 9:00 am

Cody Barbierri

Cody is the Social Media Manager at Piehead

Creating a company blog has been a social marketing technique that’s been around for a while, though we continue to see companies that either don’t have one or don’t post on a regular basis. Now, there is a myriad of reasons why both occur – trust me, we’ve heard them all – but the benefits of having a company blog often greatly outweigh not having one at all.

A few weeks ago Ian Muir, a Senior Developer at Piehead, posted an article to our company blog, “Why Startups Could Use .NET, But Don’t.” Like many of our posts, the article reflected Ian’s thoughts on a particular topic in which he took a stance and backed it up with insights. While you may think you don’t have interesting topics to write about, or employees interested in writing, you may be surprised.  These are the specialists in the field whose opinions current and potential partners and customers want to read.  These are the types of articles that will drive traffic to your website, act as “door openers”, and drive sales leads.

Why are we pointing out Ian’s article in particular? Within hours of posting and distributing it on popular sites like and Hacker News, it generated over 8,000 hits. The following day, the post clocked in with more than 18,000. At the end of the month, the total equaled to close to 28,000 blog visits.

While increased blog traffic and being positioned as a thought leader are great, ideally you want to get people to your main website as well. When on the website, it is there that a potential or current customer can learn more about the company and its products or services. Of the 28,000 hits, more than 30% of those then went on to visit the main website. That’s close to 8,500 potential partners or customers looking at who Piehead is and what we do. We even received a few emails from interested parties (cha-ching).

Do you have a blog? Leave the URL in our comments section. We’d love to check it out.