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The main reason to go with us as your ATM machine wholesaler is one reason alone: price. Of course, we offer a quality customer support operation, but most customers look for price first and support second. We at ATM Wholesaler know this. So, we keep our prices lower than other ATM machine wholesalers in the industry. Plainly, you cannot find better prices online.

This is important if you are in the market for one machine or a fleet of machines. A small business cannot afford the extra expenditure of an expensive ATM machine wholesaler. The ATM machine is designed to make the business money, so it defeats the purpose of the machine to be out of the price range of small business owners.

At ATM Wholesaler, we also can furnish bulk orders of ATMs. This may be necessary for owners of a franchise business or even small banks. We have distributed ATM machines to every type of business imaginable—on a one-machine basis or very large orders. Our ATM machine wholesaler ensures that large orders of our machines do not break the bank. In fact, the more machines you order through our ATM machine wholesaler, the further the price will drop. We offer discounts on bulk orders.

We do not stop with ATM machines. If you bought a machine through another wholesaler, we can provide replacement parts for that machine and even technical assistance. Our prices for replacement parts are also well below the industry average. You should not necessarily buy parts from the original wholesaler if our site can save you money.

Getting Help with ATM's

Too many other ATM machine wholesalers sell a machine or a service part and then the relationship is over. At ATM Wholesaler we have an extensive customer support operation. If you are looking to upgrade, replace a part, or you are about to buy your first ATM machine, feel free to contact us. We know ATM machines and the ATM industry inside and out. We keep abreast of new technology so we are always finding new solutions to help our customers.

There is a lot more that goes into installing a machine than just finding a place to put it and plugging it in. There are ongoing issues of modem service, cash refills, receipt paper refills, and possible troubleshooting of technical problems. An ATM machine needs to be constantly maintained. Don’t let this sound daunting—an ATM machine is fairly simple to maintain, but it is not something you can plug in and walk away. At ATM Wholesaler, we will help you maintain the machine from day one onward.

Many other ATM machine wholesalers do not offer this kind of hands-on service. We are a wholesaler with the customer support of a retailer. Other ATM Wholesalers also have retail prices. We keep costs low, even for small orders. If you need to find a specialized service—such as an armored car—in your area, we can provide help and information. We assist ATM providers throughout the nation. All of these facets make ATM Wholesaler one of the most unique ATM distributorships in the industry.

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Once your info is received and reviewed, you will be contacted by one of our ATM services specialists. In the meantime, please take a moment to review our ATM processing agreement. This is the form you fill out to set up your new ATM to actually process debit transactions. View our processing agreement, HERE.

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